TSS Visa

TSS Visa

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The Managing Migration 457 visa is the primary work visa in Australia. It allows employees to work for up to 4 years under the sponsorship of their employer. Employees are restricted to working in the nominated occupation and cannot work for any other employer. If you unsure if this visa is suitable for you, please contact us and our migration agent will be able to attend to you.

The application process is divided in two steps:

1. Nomination

An approved business sponsor nominates a position in their business that needs to be filled. The position must be highly skilled, appear on a list of occupations available for sponsorship and be remunerated at market rates above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold. These rates will depend on market trends and variables.

As part of the nomination process, the business also specifies the employee who will be filling the nominated position in their business.

Managing Migration can advise the business regarding the occupations that are on the skilled occupation list and market salary as required. This information is open to inquire further into.

2. Visa application

To initiate the application. The visa application step relates to the individual who will be filling the nominated position.

The visa applicant must have the skills required to fulfill the role and meet English language requirements, as failure to do so will inhibit the ability of a successful application. Further, the visa applicant and any family members included in the visa application must meet all relevant health and character criteria. Please ask for criteria if unsure.

Once the Managing Migration 457 visa is approved it is valid for up to 4 years. During the 4 year period, the visa holder must continue working in the nominated occupation for the sponsoring employer or the Managing Migration 457 visa may be subject to cancellation.

Our Perth Managing Migration Agent can review your qualifications and work experience to assess whether you will meet the skill requirement for the nominated occupation and assist you throughout the visa application process. We are committed to helping you and meeting your needs as best we can.

Nomination Transfers

Where an individual holds a 457 visa and wishes to change occupations or transition to a new employer it may be possible to lodge a ‘Nomination Transfer’ to change the occupation or move the visa holder to the sponsorship of a new employer. In this situation the visa holder will continue to maintain the same visa with the same conditions and expiry date.

Managing Migration can advise on the Nomination Transfer process and assist businesses and visa holders to complete this process. Please contact us for any information or questions you may have regarding a 457 Visa. Our migration agents are always here to help.

Covering a complete scope of requirements and regulations, as to ensure nothing is missed and no opportunity is lost.

Our duty is to make sure that we submit an application as well as supporting documents that address all aspects of the applicable regulations and law that the Australian Department of Immigration utilizes when making your visa decision.