Main Tourist Attractions in Australia—Beaches
Australia is well-renowned for its beaches.  Here are some of the more famous Australian beaches:

  • Bondi Beach—Sydney, NSW
  • Surfers Paradise Beach—Gold Coast, Queensland
  •  Cable Beach—Broome, Western Australia
  • Bells Beach—Victoria (Not the prettiest of beaches but famous for surfing)
  • With coastlines stretching as far as the eye can see, you will not be short of some sand and surf in Australia.

Main Tourist Attractions in Australia— Natural Landmarks
Much of the appeal of Australia comes from its diverse natural landscape. The following is just a handful of the many interesting natural landmarks in Australia:

  •  Great Barrier Reef—Queensland
  • Ulurn (Ayers Rock)—Northern Territory
  • Sydney Harbour—- NSW
  • Great Ocean Road— Victoria
  • Cape Tribulation— Queensland
  • Kakadu— Northern Territory
  • The Kimberleys—- Western Australia
  • There are many natural wonders in Australia, from Flora and Fauna to the general landscape and everything in between.

Main Tourist Attractions in Australia— Man-Made Landmarks
Here are some of the great man-made icons that Australia has to offer. Remember these are just a few of the amazing attractions in Australia:

  • Sydney Opera House— NSW
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge— NSW
  •  Gold Coast Theme Parks, Dreamworld, Movieworld, Sea World— Queensland
  • Sydney Olympic Park, built for the 2000 Olympics— Homebush, NSW
  • These are some stunning and spectacular sites to see, with some fantastic history behind them all.

Main Tourist Attractions in Australia— Wine and Wineries
Tour the wineries and taste the wines where they are made.

  • Barosa Valley— South Australia
  • Hunter valley— NSW
  • Margaret River—- Western Australia
  • Yarra Valley— Victoria
  • Australia has a magnificent range of wines available. Ranging in flavours, prices, drops, locations and more. Be sure to taste a few.

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